Wholesome and wholehearted

Our plate

Through food we have the opportunity to not only to sustain people but to nourish them, reward them, inspire them and promote conviviality and wellbeing. Done well, food enriches people’s life – a responsibility we take very much to heart.

It’s why we pledge that our food will be considerately sourced, seasonal and freshly prepared. Why our chefs always balance health and nutrition with flavour, taste and texture. And why our offerings are consumer-focused, high street inspired, and always evolving to be on-trend and reward curiosity.

Wholesome and wholehearted

Service style

Behind the moment – challenging the perception of food industry roles: servers, chefs or baristas, our team view themselves as signature moment makers, taking every opportunity presented to leave you with a smile in the hope that you return.

Entrepreneurial in spirit, measured in thought and calculated in delivering exceptional moments, you’ll find that we’re always listening and seeking ways to invent and re-invent the synergy of our service, whatever the style. Come in and experience a moment.

Wholesome and wholehearted

Back to Earth

Back to Earth is Autograph’s commitment to long-term, sustainable business practices through positive contributions, inspiring actions and seeing the bigger picture in everything we do. Discover how we give Back to Earth.


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