Fed by enthusiasm

Our people

We are, at heart, all about heart: about conviction and care; about enthusiasm and energy; about the wholesome and the wholehearted. Our little heart doodle and the words ‘fed by enthusiasm’ express what we expect of ourselves and of everybody that becomes part of Autograph.

Fed by enthusiasm

Talent and development

In those places where good service is natural and genuine, it’s always the easy smiles which give it away. The secret isn’t simply to recruit happy people, it’s to help people be happy in their work. It’s a partnership. You bring the talent and a side order of enthusiasm and we bring all the support, encouragement, reward, recognition, training and mentoring needed to put a smile on your face.

Fed by enthusiasm

Leadership Team

We have a board of food fanatics and a field of craft trainers, inspiring and leading a new generation of people to join the industry we love. Local and creative teams bursting with ideas for food, service, nutrition, engagement and improvement.

Fed by enthusiasm


We firmly believe happy people create success, not the other way round. The secret isn’t simply to recruit happy people, but to provide all the support and encouragement that talented and ambitious people need to succeed, grow and ensure our fervour for food reaches every customer and every customer’s taste buds.

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